3 Cedar and Sage Botanical Tealight Candles

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3 Cedar and Sage Botanical Tealight Candles
3 Cedar and Sage Botanical Tealight Candles

Three Handmade Quartz/ Botanical Tea Light Candles, Meditation Candles, Cedar and Sage Infused Tea Light Candles

Set of 3 handmade and poured quartz, cedar and sage infused tea light candles, handmade by me. The cedar and sage are layered in while wax is hot and right before it cools ensuring even distribution of herbs throughout the candle.  Topped off with a tumbled clear quartz gemstone.

Each tea light has 3 drops of 100% essential oil added. 

All Tealight Candles also comes in Full Size (4oz).  We also offer custom candle variations for all your meditation and spiritual purposes.

Each batch of candles are made with positive intent and the best ingredients. 
Because the infusion is in melted wax it will not set fire, the candle will burn and you will be left with no wax and all herb/ flowers. 

Candles will come in gift package. Shipped in a secure shipping package with padding.